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  • How Can I Book A Service
    Please visit the service page to review the services offered. If you see a service that suits your business needs please book a consultation to have your request reviewed for approval.
  • When Booking K.Samone Is There a Starting Cost?
    Yes! However, each service price varies. Please visit the service page and book a consultation to be provided with accurate quoted prices. For all events or media coverage, the starting price is $500.
  • When covering an event do I need to provide a camera operator?
    When covering or hosting events K.Samone will provide her own camera operator, which will be included in the quoted price.
  • What Is The Up Charge For K.Samone's Provided Camera Operator?
    Aside from the camera operator capturing footage for the event, Camera Operator will be compensated based on the time needed for K.Samone to fulfill the job requested. All videos will be edited for customers' and K.Samone's use.
  • Can I provide my own camera operator?
    Yes! Please understand, that if the camera operator's video or editing quality is not up to advance quality, K.Samone is in no way responsible to post a recap via social media or website.
  • When booking package promotion deals what should I expect?
    When booking package promotional deals K.Samone need to have some type of collaboration with your event. The collaboration may include but is not limited to event hosting or event coverage.
  • What Are the Payment Expectations?
    An Invoice will be sent to all customers. You will be able to use credit or debit in order to complete payment. A deposit is required once you book K.Samone for events and/ or media coverage. The deposit is to secure the requested date. Deposits are nonrefundable! Other services offered, require payment to be paid in full prior to service fulfillment.
  • What is the response time once A service is booked
    Please expect a response up to 24 hrs from the requested date and time. No same-day consultations after 5:30 pm. Any consultations booked after 5:30 pm will result in the consultation being rescheduled to the following the next business day.
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