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3 Day Weekends Permanently Could Increase Work Productivity

Entreprenuer, CNN Political Commentator, and former Presidental Candidate, Andrew Yang, brought some insite in regards to US considering a four day work week.

Andrew Yang tweeted out saying " 3-Day weekends are better than 2-Day weekends. We should seriously look at 4-day workweeks. Studies show that we would be just as productive. It would create jobs at the margins and improve mental health."

The concept of a four dy work week is not a new prosposal being cnsidered, however it caused speculation in light of the conrovirus pandemic as companies were forced to adapt to new ways, with a plethera of employees shifting from cubicals and working in office positions to now working from home and shifting schedules to attened to family needs.

To back Andrew Yang's hypothesis a post from Washington Post Report, highlighted studies, workers perform more productivley during 4 day work weeks and report higher satisfaction in the work place.

Aside from Andrew Yang's thoughts and sugguestion there are companies who tested the theroies, such as, Microsoft's Japan Subsidary, which saw a 40% increase in productivity, while Andrew Barns, Founder of New Zealand Company Perpetual Garden, transitioned his company to a 4 day workweek after assesting both thr employee's and the company benefited from the transition.

I do beleive the theory to be a benefactor of all employee's, but my hypothesis is, if we transfer to a 4 day workweek, our week days will increase from 8hrs a day to 10hrs a day.


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