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A New iPhone Announcement Is Set To Come.

Apple just release a product launch event come october 13th revealing the next model for the iphone.

Apple recently did a product launch in September announcing the new Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Air and 8th-generation, but there was no mention of the iPhone.

As we were all expecting to have a new iphone release as Apple has trained us to know a iphone's estimated release is always September, due the pandemic causing production delays, it would also cause annoucement delays.

"Apple is expected to announce four new iPhone 12 models this year, including two “regular” iPhone 12 devices and two iPhone 12 Pro models. They’re expected to have new designs with sharper edges around the corners, similar to Apple’s new iPad Air and the iPad Pro."

This is going to be me during pre-sales.

When I tell you I've been waiting for this release because im over my iPhone 8plus okay!!!


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