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Beyonce Visualized Why Black Is King

The Iconic King B never cease the amazement of her fan. Beyonce has release the first full trailer for her album Black Is King, which will be available on July 31st on Disney+.

Black Is King is based on the music of Beyoncé'sThe Lion King: The Gift, and premieres around the one-year anniversary of the theatrical release of Disney’sThe Lion King.

Black is King may be narrated by Beyonce, but there were many directors and creatives that contributed to this project including, Emmanuel Adjei (the filmShahmaran), Blitz Bazawule (The Burial of Kojo), Pierre Debusschere (“Mine” and “Ghost” videos for Beyoncé), Jenn Nkiru (Black to Techno), Ibra Ake (creative director and producer on “This is America” video for Childish Gambino), Dikayl Rimmasch (“Cachao,” “Uno Mas”), Jake Nava (“Crazy in Love,” “Single Ladies,” “Partition” videos for Beyoncé) and co-director and long-time collaborator Kwasi Fordjour.

Let me know your thtoughts on the Black Is King Trailer below:


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