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Breonna Taylor Bill Will Be Passed in Louisville, Kentucky

The Breonna Taylor Bill was put into place to ban no-knock warrants in Louisville, Kentucky after the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor that took place shortly after midnight on March 13.

The Louisville metro counsil voted unanimously as Louisville Mayor said we would sign the Bill after the merto counsil voted.

“I plan to sign Breonna’s Law as soon as it hits my desk,” Mr. Fischer said in a statement after the Metro Council vote. “I suspended use of these warrants indefinitely last month, and wholeheartedly agree with Council that the risk to residents and officers with this kind of search outweigh any benefit.”

The Bill also requires police officers to wear body cameras when conducting a search, and cameras are required to remain active during a minimum time period before and after a operation.

Louisville Police was executing a arrest warrent using a battey ram to enter into the 26-year old's residents. Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend Kennenth Walker were both in bed and was waken by a loud bang at the door. After an exchange of words, Walker would fire his weapon, as police fired serveral shots, which would be the cause of Breonna Taylor's death as she was stricked eight times.

What led to the this situation, Louisville Police officers were investigating two men who they speculated was selling drugs from a residents far from Breonna Taylor's home, but a Judge gave approval for a no-knock warrent allowing police to enter without warning and identifing themsleves.

It was assumed that one of the men was using Taylor's residents to received packages. When in fact no drugs were found.

Throughout the entire mishaps, this could have all been avoided, what happened to bringing in suspects in for questioning? And if this situation is exterme enough to pass a bill, why aren't any of the police officers involved, including the judge who signed the warrent being held accountable. This was a clear indication of the lack of investigation and poor perpraration. Someone needs to held responsible if not everyone involved.

To seek justice for Breonna Taylor you sign the petition below

You can also contact Kentucky's attorney General, Daniel Cameron at


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