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Certified Jewelry Designer Gina White, Building A Legacy & Telling Her Story Through Every Diamond

Diamonds are truly a girls best friend to the point us ladies we have an insider that can give us all the Jewels and Gems for our purchases or what we're sending these men to purchase.

Allow me to introduce you to Jewelry Designer Gina White, whom took the Diamond and Gold industry by storm. Starting her career as a wholesaler to becoming the first black certified jewelry designer at analyze, source, purchase diamonds in their rough state, design, cut, and polish directly from the Johannesburg, Africa is a clear indication that black girl magic thrives in any industry.

Having the opportunity to speak with this powerhouse, Gina White, is not only a replica of how black woman can soar and dominate in any field, but Gina's mission, is to make sure she teaches financial literacy that can be obtain through understanding the knowledge of her industry, while showing value of investing in authentic diamonds and gems stones.

Tap into this converstation and learn about, how the diamond industry works, how to truly verify the authenticity of your diamonds, and making the proper investments with our favorite accessory.

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