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Dalvin From Jodeci Reminisce On The Good Timez

One of our favorite groups of all time, Jodeci, help shaped the narrative of what we know of R&B today, with their push back attitudes and bad boy swag.

Many people give the credit to Diddy for the groups appearance, style and aura, but the recognition is deserved to Dalvin.

This group was never afraid to push the envelop and challenge the status quo, which would be the reason Jodeci was never invited to the grammy's.

Dalvin, one-fourth of the Group Jodeci, dives into some of Jodeci's most fondest memories from first meeting Andre Harell, their relationship with Death Row Records, to taping the the famous Martin Episode where they were a guest of the Vanell Hill Show.

Although the groups is in a great space keeping their brotherhood firm and strong, they're extremely supportive of each other's individuals careers as Dalvin talks his new single's Good Timez and She Bad, giving us his recipe to what makes a women bad in his eyes.

Tap in on this converstation because Dalvin held nothing back, while alluding to a Jodeci biopic. Tap into this conversation below:

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