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DJ Jus Talks Growing Up Hip Hop from NY to ATL

We are definitely in a season where relaunching and reinventing has became an enterprise. Every time you look up it seems we are reliving our favorite childhood memories. I mean, Disney is re-releasing Lion King along with other classics, Baby Phat announced their relaunch through Forever 21, Fubu recently made a comeback with Urban Outfitters, and Millennium Tour had us reliving our scream tour days.


       Speaking of Scream Tour, do you remember the cute little kid, Dj Jus, Known as Bow Wow’s DJ who was also a Fubu kid for major ad campaigns?  Well, Dj Jus is all grown up and ready to reintroduce himself to the world.

           What makes reintroductions and relaunching worth the anticipation, is perfect timing. Jus making his move official in the A was great timing for me to catch up with the young vet, to speak on his career and entrepreneurship while adjusting to the changes as a child star to becoming an adult. Watch as Jus talks about growing up in hip hop maneuvering and elevating In this industry from Queens, New York to Atlanta.

            From the looks of it, Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta could be gaining a new cast member, but you didn’t hear that from me!  Get reacquainted with the DJ that made you scream on the original Scream Tour.

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