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Dj Luke Nasty Has Something To Say After His Song Rain Was Removed From Media Platforms

We know DJ Luke Nasty as the sample king, known for taking our favorite 90’s hits and turning them into songs we can vibe out today, Such a Might be which he sampled Xscape -Who can I run to and OTW where he sampled Toni Toni Toni.

However his most recent project Rain, which he sampled Kirk Franklins “Melodies From Heaven” became a topic of conversation as Kirk was not here for it an took to the gram to say this

Soundcloud and twitter have since removed the songs off there platforms and Luke followed up with this to say and I quote

“Sampling is a culture,” “Sampling is an art. I sample to pay homage. I sample because it feels good…it’s never disrespect, it’s music.” “I take the Ls to make sure the fans get that nostalgic feeling. I take the Ls so that music is never forgotten.”

Now I'm over here trying to listen to full version since twitter and sound cloud removed it from there platforms and it's not on youtube. So did he really take the L because we are all still trying to get the full version.

Check out a clip of it below and tell me your thoughts? As for me this is my song god said be fruitful and multiply mmkay.


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