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Free Movies You Can Watch About Racial Injustice during A Time of Protest

As we continue to let freedom ring, as demonstrated through the protest that are taking place throughout the world, in result of the death of George Floyd, another black man murder at the hands of police, there are films and documentaries that

coincide with the Black Lives Matter movement tackling and addressing racial inequalities and black excellence experiences that are available to stream now.

If you're looking to be educated on black circumstances, amplify your your black voice, and dive deep into monumental black historical resolutions here are some movies to stream created by black directors with black artists.

A movie to stream is Just Mercy starring Michael B. Jordan and Oscar Award Winning, Jamie Foxx, Based on the the true story of Walter McMillian, who, with the help of defense attorney Bryan Stevenson, appeals his murder conviction.


Selma follows the 1965 voting rights marches led by Martin Luther King Jr., Hosea Williams, and John Lewis, Starring David Oyelowo and Oprah Winfrey, Produced by Ava DuVernay. Selma is available on all digital platforms. Watch the full trailer below:

"After committing to making monthly donations to organizations supporting Black Lives Matter, The Criterion Collection announced that it’s lifting the paywall on select titles from black filmmakers and white filmmakers who’ve captured the black experience through documentary."

Some of the films streaming free right now on Criterion Channel are:

  • Down in the Delta, by Maya Angelou

  • My Brother's Wedding, from Charles Burnett

  • Black Mother, by Khalik Allah

  • Portrait of Jason, by Shirley Clarke

  • Cane River, by Horace Jenkins


Lionsgate has made a collection of movies that amplify black voices available through out the stars app and On Demand whether you have a subscription or not.

You can freely stream the following:

  • America to Me – Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Steve James (Hoop Dreams, Life Itself) examines racial, economic and class issues in contemporary American education in this multipart unscripted documentary series.

  • A Huey P. Newton Story - A Starz Original Production, Huey P. Newton, charismatic co-founder of the revolutionary Black Panther Party, tells the riveting story of his life and times in this one-man show. Directed by Spike Lee.

  • Emanuel – After a 21-year-old white supremacist opened fire in Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, nine African Americans lay dead, leaving their families and the nation to grapple with this senseless act of terror. Featuring intimate interviews with survivors and family members, Emanuel, from executive producers Stephen Curry and Viola Davis, is a poignant story of justice and faith, love and hate, examining the healing power of forgiveness.

  • For Ahkeem – For Ahkeem follows Daje Shelton, a 17-year-old black girl from North St. Louis, as she strives to graduate from the nation’s only court-supervised public high school. Daje fights for her future as close friends are killed, her sixteen-year-old boyfriend is pulled into the prison system, and nearby Ferguson erupts after the police shooting of Michael Brown.

  • Out of Omaha – An intimate portrait of twin brothers Darcell and Darrell Trotter, two young black men coming of age in the racially and economically-divided Midwestern town of Omaha, Nebraska. From executive producer J. Cole.

  • Scandalize My Name – This potent documentary, narrated by Morgan Freeman, examines several prominent African-American performers in the American film and television industries during the 1950s Communist witch-hunting McCarthy era.

  • Stranger Fruit – What really happened on August 9th, 2014 in Ferguson Missouri. That afternoon, officer Darren Wilson killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. Stranger Fruit is the unraveling of what took place, told through the eyes of Mike Brown’s family.

  • The Rape of Recy Taylor – A documentary about Recy Taylor, who was gang raped by six white boys in 1944 Alabama. Unbroken, Mrs. Taylor spoke up and fought for justice with help from Rosa Parks and countless women.


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