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Iconic, Writer, Producer, and Director Mara Brock Akil Inks A Deal With Netflix

Mara Brock Akil is known for creating some of our favorite black classic sitcoms from Moesha, Girl Friends to The Game. Mara Brock Akil is known for putting her pen gifting us with some indelible characters that we fell in love with like Melina and Derwin. Mara has the power to have her audience identify and resonate with her characters like we did with Girl Friends and We grew up with Mo to the E to the.

Mara Brock Akil is back putting her pen to use inking deals with Netflix. This is major as her classic shows, our favorite sitcoms are airing on netflix right now.

The living legend's develpoment deal includes Akil, writing and producing scrpited content and other creative projects for netflix.

“It is a dream to partner with the force of Netflix, for we have the same goals–telling human stories for a global audience. I’m excited to have a home that allows me the creative freedom and support to do what I do best– paint portraits and murals of women, Black people and anyone else whose story is missing from this golden age of television. Representation matters and so does who you build with– I can’t wait to work closely with Channing Dungey and her team to launch some great stories,” said Akil.

Someone inform Mara Brock Akil that I would love to bring one of those characters to life. I'm truly excited because all her characters are legendary.

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