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It’s safe to say rapper Juicy J Is not getting the Covid-19 Vaccination

Three six Mafia Member Juicy J took to twitter informing his fans to think twice before getting the Covid-19 vaccine tweeting

“If I was you, I wouldn’t get vaccinated I would wear a mask and take vitamins”

His comment was met with mixed reactions, while some agreed and disagreed.

To be completely honest I still stalling the fence on this one. One side of me feels the exact same way Juicy J, but as I continue to research I've discovered that coronavirus has been around and there's medication already in place to fight off the virus, however it's the strands we aren't use to.

Medical examiners are adding different formulas to enhance the the antibodies to fight off the strands we are exposed to now. I say do your research and if you are comfortable get the vaccine if not, follow Juicy J advice.


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