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Kelly Rowland Is Expecting Her Second Child

Congratulations is in order for Destiny Child's member, Kelly Rowland, as she broke the news with Women's Health Magazine cover.

In the article Kelly shared that she is due later this year and concieved right away after trying with husband Tim Weatherspoon.

"We had been talking about it loosely, and then COVID happened, and we were just like, ‘Let’s see what happens,’

As songtress is excited about the news she exteremly reluctant of publicizing the news, but hopes will serve as a reminder about the "importance of life."

“But you still want to remind people that life is important,” she says. “And being able to have a child… I’m knocking at 40’s door in February. Taking care of myself means a lot to me.”

Check out more of Kelly Rowlands healthy habits to carrying out her pregnancy.


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