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Lia Givenchy Freestyles for Beat Box & Back In Blood Now She's Talking Handstands For Rubber Ban

As women continue to prevail in the hip hop industry, proving to the world daily, there can be more than one at female in the limelight, it's only right to add another lady to that roster.

Lia givenchy aka. Ms. Baethoven a South American Native from Brookyln, New York is ready to leave her imprint and make her mark in this industry.

Having the opportunity to talk with Lia Givenchy, we discussed her move to the states from living in Guyana and Brazil to relocating to Flatbush, New York to now residing in the ATL while getting adjusted to the southern hospitality.

Of course with every move the experience can cause culture shock, Lia Givenchy spoke on that experience while differentiating the difficulties of being an artist in both climates.

Being inspired by Missy Eliot's futurist style, Lia Givenchy describes herself as cuturally universal as she's able to interwine her culture with the hip hop culture. Watch as Lia Givenchy continuously proves that she deserves her slot from getting spins on the top radio stations throughout the country, dropping freestyles, such as, Beat Box (Hopscotch)and Back in Blood, to taking over KODatl for her recent Single Handstands, which the video is expected to release later this month.

Lia Givenchy is #nevernotworking as she takes full pride in her artistry, she also holds the title as a #girlboss maintaining her own businesses. Get into this converstation as my girl Lia Givenchy talks how she manages to balance it all.

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