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Netflix And Chill With your favorite Black Classic Sitcoms

Netflix and chill just may be the perfect date or a clear indication of exactly what it means as Netflix is bringing a new line up of some of your favorite black sitcom classics, such as Moesha, Girl Friends, One on One, Half and Half, The Game, Sister Sister and The Parkers.

Get ready to kick your feet up and sit back with the line up starting with Moesha streaming on August 1st “Moesha” “The Game” (seasons 1-3) drops August 15th, “Sister, Sister” September 1st, “Girlfriends” September 11th, “The Parkers” October 1st and “One On One” and “Half & Half” on October 15th.

Trust me i was just excited as you were receiving the news the cast from each show put together a quaratine video the help the new reveal.

As we know some of these shows were available on other streaming services this is the first time for Netflix, which is major and took over trending topics on twitter. Which sitcom are you excited for? I am already on the season 2 of Moesha.

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