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Rapper Jay-Z Exchange Words With Minnesota Governor Tim Walz

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Many have been questioning the influences of the influencers and the motives on how they plan to address and take action of the current protest and outrage throughout the nation.

Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota and Jay-Z had phone converstation over the weekend in regards to the death of George Floyd, so what will happen now?

During an interview with CNN, Gov. Waltz mentioned his recent interation with Jay-Z, where he stated "Justice needs to be served here".

Over the course of his career, Jay -Z has been vocal about racism in America and being a advocate for prison reform, while being the founder of REFORM Alliance .

Gov. Waltz said in his interview "It was so incredibly human, It wasn't Jay-Z international celebrity, it was a dad and, quite honestly, a black man with visceral pain that he knew".

Jay-Z relased a stated on the REFORM Alliance twitter saying:

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