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Renni Rucci Disses Big Latto

I didn't know something this minuscule would cause all this controversy. Rapper and Atlanta native Mulatto did a freestyle to Beatbox by spotemgotem and mentioned being “The Biggest” that caused Renni Rucci to tweet out saying She been going by “The Biggest”.

Although Mulatto never mentioned a name directed her statement towards anyone in particular, Renni tweeted out saying My Social Media names been this, we all rappers so let us rap watch out and made this diss record…

Mulatto posted a clip of Nicki minaj verse from "My hitta, Remix in response

Now was Mulatto throwing shots to really get a rise or was this all in some hip-hop fun, but I can use some nice punchlines right about now to see what they battle skills are hitting for as I love me a good battle rap


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