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Sammie Is Bringing Vibes On Vibes w/ EP Satin Sheets, Speaking On Wanting To Love & Be Loved

Sammie, Mr. Lover Boy, is known for making music telling his truth, displaying his experiences or feelings of what's occurring at that moment in the world of Sammie. We've witness his growth from boy to man in Coming of Age, a rocky relationship in Everlasting and his revealed healing in Such as Life, now Sammie has introduced a new project dedicated to the sensuality of a woman.

Sammie is in a different space where he's all about displaying and receiving love, which can be heard in his current project that released on February 11th, entitled, Satin Sheets. This EP is giving ladies a full album dedicated to grown sexy romance, the perfect sound track for Valentine's Day with bae. Satin Sheets is such a vibe that you can catch streaming on all music streaming platforms.

Speaking of vibes, being fresh off the Millennium Tour, Sammie has teamed up with another music sensation Eric Bellinger for the Vibes on Vibes Tour starting March 11th, with their first stop being Atlanta at The Loft.

Tap into our conversation to see what sparked the idea of the Vibes on Vibes Tour, how he plans on celebrating Valentine's Day and how he continues to keep himself relevant and proactive. We even played a game "What's Streaming let me know how you think he did?


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