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Sharaya J Talks Embracing The "NuNu"

Sharaya J, The Four, history maker known for being longest person to hold her seat on the music competition television show, Breast Cancer Survior, choreographer and Missy Elliot's protege tapped in with me to talk embracing her journey.

Sharaya J talks life after The Four while overcoming her battle with breast cancer as her furturistic style landed her on the T campanign by Alexander Wang, and there was no second guesting why Missy Elliot chose to take the sensation under the wing and show her the ropes of this industry.

Get in on our converstation and find out who's on Sharaya J's playlist, while she confirms a new reality show and dabbling into acting for a recreaton of Sister Act 2. We are talking all things new so get in tune with Sharaya J's lastest single NuNu.

Check out our converstation below:

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