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Shawn Wayans Puts An End To The Racist Remarks Surrounding "White Chicks"

It seems whenever the converstation about blackface resurfaces many conservatives seems to bring up the film, White Chicks, which is based on two undercover cops, played by Marlon and Shawn Wayans disguised as white women to arrest kidnappers.

Shawn Wayans was asked about conservatives who attempt to say the film is racist due to them playing undercover white women and Shawn simply stated, “I think then they shouldn't watch the movie. It's not for them.”

Shawn further stated “White Chicks isn't racist. It's a buddy cop comedy where two men are pretending to be white girls to take down a kidnapper. If you look at White Chicks, the jokes is on African-American culture. So how is it racist? All the punchlines is us making fun of us in situations where white folks is around. It's not us making fun of white people.”

Check Out the Full conversation below:

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