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Swizz beats gives us some insight on the viewership of the biggest Veruz battle

This past Thursday, November 19th we witness history in the making right in Atlanta, with Jeezy and Gucci Versuz battle

Man was the tension thick, I know I wasn't the only one who felt the tension all the way through the phone, I was so nervous, but this battle was indeed bigger than their beef.

It was Jeezy saying this, that did it for me "All these kids out here doing what the fuck they do 'cause they saw what went on with us. This shit ain’t about me, it ain’t about you. This shit about King Von, this shit about Doe B, this shit about Nipsey Hussle, this shit about motherfucking Pop Smoke, Mo3. And I’m real enough to do that, n***a, because one thing about it, two things fo sho, three things for certain, n***a...."

Swizz Beats took twitter tweeting out that this legendary showdown had a minimum of 9.1 Million views, with over 7 billion impression and I’m far from surprised.


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