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Tariq's Making Power Moves In Power Sequel "Power Book 2 "Ghost"

Our Favorite Charater we all love to hate Tariq St, Patrick, played by Michael Rainy Jr. is back on his road to riches to ghosthood.

The Sequal is picking up where the story left off, Tariq killed his father, James St Patrick also known as Ghost, Tasha took the fall, Tommy relocated to California and Romini's character Dre' finally got what he deserved.

Power Sequel; Power Book 2, "Ghost" is kicking off with Tariq hiring, Davis Maclean, played by Method Man, to be his mother's criminal defense attorney for $500,000 unsure of what he gotten himslef into. Of course Tariq's gathers the money through drug dealing.

Watch as Tariq tries to take on the life his father tried to live bring along new characters for this ride like Mary J Blidge, Keke Palmer and Woody McClain.

Check out the trailer below:

If I had to be frank, I didn't think Power would be able to hold it's weight without Ghost, played by Omari Hardwick, but after watching that trailer I just might be tuned in September 9th at 9pm EST only on Starz. Start those subscriptions now boo boo I feel like a watch party is in the works cause we're still practicing social distancings.


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