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What If You Could Live Life Like The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, In The Bel- Air Mansion

If you had a chance to live in the Bel-Air Masion from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, what's the first part of the house you go to? What room would you choose to sleep in?

For me I would definitely stay in the pool house. It was just something about the pool house, whether it was the time Will and Carlton split the pool house in half, Hilary sneaking Trevor in on the late nights, or that episode where Ashley disappeared, while the entire family searched for her while she was in the pool house the entire time. The pool house was a home away from home.

But, what if I told you this idea can become reality. To celebrate the show 30 year anniversary, Airbnb, is giving you the opportunity to be "chillin out maxin relaxing all cool" in Will's wing of the decked-out mansion with access to Will's posh bedroom and bathroom, a poolside lounge area and an elegant dining room.

That sounds amazing, but it gets better, The rental will be available to book on September 29 and there are five one-night stays available in October for just $30 each. You get to live like the Fresh Prince for $30!

I'm telling you, as soon my uber drops me off I'm walking through the front door like...

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