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Young Thug explains why he never worked with Andre 3000

Rapper Young Thug Appeared on TI’s expeditiously podcast and addressed why he hasn’t worked with Andre 3000.

He Stated "Elton John like to kiss ass, André like his ass kissed," Thug replied, recounting how the rock star was a huge fan of his music and was game to work with him"

Watch the full clip below: (Skip to 1:30:00 )

I found his statement to be completly laughable because it's coming from the same person who wore a shirt on the green carpet that said " I want to be like Andre Badu"

For someone to say they don't pay attention this is extremely obvious. That comment was more of "I want to work with Andre, but Andre don't want to work with me"

Pay homage and show respect where respect is due.


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