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Celebrate Women Everyday; Who Needs a Month! Founder of Sheen Magazine Mrs. Kimberly Chapman

Although,  March is the month of embracing, celebrating, and honoring women and their accomplishments whether it’s women from our history or women of today. However, women are so much more than a month. Women are the most phenomenal beings. Anything given to us, we multiply. Give us groceries, we prepare meals; give us a house, we create a home; give us sperm; we carry and give you life, literally. What other being do you know can juggle being a mother, an entrepreneur, an employee, a wife, a chief, or a teacher and make it look effortless? The world revolves around women, who are our real-life superheroes. While playing this role as a woman, our accomplishments can become under-appreciated and go unnoticed at times, but luckily we have women who are too astonishing for that.

      Although, James Brown said “This is a man’s world” just like chess, the queen is still the most dominant piece in this world. There are so many superwomen fulfilling multiple roles and I am honored to have the pleasure of speaking with one, Sheen Magazine’s founder and publisher Mrs, Kimberly Chapman. We talk about how she navigates being a publisher, a co-creator of Chapman hair care products, and a mother.

 Mrs. Kimberly Chapman, you are a woman who wears multiple hats and

carry many responsibilities what were your experiences to made you want

to focus on yourself to become an Entrepreneur?

As long as I can remember I knew I wanted to be in business. Even as

early as 12. It was just in my spirit. Now what I really want to do?

I had no idea.

One of the many titles you have is being the Co-Creator of Chapman Products, a prominent hair care company, what is the story behind creating your hair care lines and how long has the Chapman Products been surfacing?

My husband was creating and producing products before we were

married. Now of course it took marrying me to pull it all together. Over

the years we have manufactured many brands, each focusing on different

curl patterns. Our products are for all people. Chapman Products has

been in existence for over 30 years.

Being the Co-Creator of Chapman Products, which includes, Nairobi professional, Congo professional and  Kerefena Natural Hair Smoothing System, what hair types and texture are your products targeting and where are your hair products distributed?

We have independent distributors all over the world. We are focused

on professional stylists and barber. Our products are specially created

and sold in salons and barbershops.

What was the inspiration behind the the Chapman Foundation founded in 1999?

The inspiration for Chapman Foundation was simply to be able to give

back to those who have supported Chapman Products.

Among being a Co-Creator of Chapman Products and a Overseer of Chapman Foundation, You are also the founder and Publisher of Sheen Magazine, which serves a beauty guide for modern day women while also promoting self-love. Where many magazines focuses on selling sex appeal why was it important for you to raise awareness on self love?

Self love is Nirvana. Most focus on the outside (which doesn’t produce

ultimate satisfaction).  However self love, oh that’s everything great.

Sheen Magazine was founded in 2006 and has grown tremendously, but so has the growth digital and social media. How has this evolution effected the transition of going from print to both print and digital print?

I believe in Sheen Magazine, so that’s where I place my focus. If I

pay attention to unnecessary information, I lose focus on what I should

be doing.

 Sheen Magazine has opened the avenue to power events such as The Kimmie Awards and Sheen Talk TV as this platform continues to be a force to reckon with what’s next for Sheen Magazine?

We will continue to produce a great magazine, that will be read and

enjoyed nationally, as well as internationally.

Being the creator and founder of many entities the most important hat you wear is being.a wife and mother. How does a phenomenal woman such as yourself find the balance between family and being a entrepreneur?

The balance between raising children, and building your business, is

very similar. You just do it, and don’t give it a second thought.

 Everything you are doing Mrs. Chapman is iconic and legendary. You even consider yourself a legend in your own right. As we are celebrating women history month, how would you define being a legend and how are you shaping the narrative for your story of longevity as you continue to create historical moments and everlasting projects and events?

I am as only I know how to be. Those who know me in this lifetime as Kimberly Chapman, know I am fulfilling my journey.


     Mrs. Chapman is the demonstration of so many women balancing family and being an entrepreneur, but most importantly she is the epitome of you can do it all. As Mrs.Chapman and I spoke about her many achievements, she’s gearing up for the Kimmie Awards that’s powered by Sheen Magazine. The Kimmie Awards is making history, as it celebrates pioneers, influencers, educators, and celebrities in an array of fields: beauty, hair, entertainment, music, and more. Check out our full conversation about the Kimmie Awards below:

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