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From Hardball to Ballers, Kris D. Lofton been Balling Literally

Growing up in the industry can be a difficult transition for any child star, but as for Kris D. Lofton, the transition is what allowed him he figure out his journey that would cause life-altering decisions for his career.

        That life-altering decision is the reason you are familiar with many of Kris D. Lofton's characters and roles. Going from Clarence in Hardball, to Calvin in Meet the Browns, to now playing Kisan Teagues on HBO’s Ballers, each milestone brought the star some reality checks that he addressed during our conversation.

Refresh your memory with this classic scene from Hardball

         Kris takes us on the journey of being the cute kid from Chicago who just wanted to play sports, to turning down a scholarship to focus on acting, what he defines as his way out. Kris D. Lofton is the epitome of enjoy the ride and trust the process.

Check out the Full interview below:

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