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Reunited And It Feels So Good, Millennium Tour Takes Us Back To The Early 2000’s

Last week I was able to relive one of the best periods in my 20-something years of living along with so many others at the Millennium Tour. Going back to a time when Jersey Dresses, Slouch socks, bamboo earrings, and men wearing 2XL everything was considered a trend, this was a show I could not miss.

          The best moment about this particular time was the music. Lloyd had us wanting to go to the south side, while we chicken head with Chingy at the Holiday-Inn, we were all slowing down for Bobby V, Grinding with Pretty Ricky, trying to be Just A Friend to Mario, and explaining to B2K why some of us made the perfect Girlfriend.

There were many popular child stars and groups that were in our age bracket we felt there was a chance to be chosen, which I feel is lacking in today’s music. Who are kids listening to and growing up with musically in their age range?

            As a child, I had posters plastered all around my room and school lockers from the Word Up Magazines to the CD covers. So covering the Millennium Tour was nothing short of amazing. Was I the only one who kept CDs on repeat feeling like I was being sung to knowing damn well half of those songs we shouldn’t have known in the first place?  Well, it’s truly an amazing feeling to grow up with the stars you admired and I can honestly say the feeling was mutual for these performers as well.

             While I enjoyed the show, as if I were back at a Scream Tour, I did run into a few familiar faces. Now there were much speculation about certain artist not being a part of the tour and why,  but somehow they made their way to the State Farm Arena, right here in the ATL. Check out your favorite childhood stars and see what they’ve been up to along with what they have in store.

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