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Mechie So Crazy Gets Crazy As An Ex On The Beach


had a chance to catch up with the talented Mechie So Crazy as we talked new music, and new appearance, which I can see why the ladies love him, the new progress from being a solo artist, and his new mannerisms after dating Blac Chyna.

   Watch Mechie so crazy Latest Video for I Wanna Be Your Man

Mechie may be a talented artist, but he took some time to focus on himself and his love life as he entered a house in Malibu as a cast member for MTV’s Ex On The Beach. As of now, he’s the only single in the house whose ex has not washed up on the beach yet, so we got a front-row seat, to all tea that went down and could be in making.

         Watch as Mechie and I, get you all caught up on the highlights of the singles in the house to prepare you for tonight’s episode because I have a feeling things are just about to heat up. Find out if Mechie found love or will find love, who he hooked up with in the house, and his true reaction to all the messiness.

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